Gujarat Power Research & Development Cell

(A Govt. of Gujarat Initiative)
IITGn Research Park, IIT Gandhinagar, Palaj-382355, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Energy Security (Energy Resources Solar Wind and Others)

In the current era, the Energy security is an actively studied area for assessing the growth of the country. Energy security means to provide an uninterrupted energy (which can be in any form), its availability at an affordable and reasonable price to the stake holders. Energy is categorized in two classes as conventional and non-conventional. The Conventional Sources of Energy includes coal, petroleum, natural gas etc. while the non-conventional energy consists of solar, wind, geothermal, and biogas energy. The other classification is on scale of use i.e. commercial purpose using coal, oil and gas, hydro, nuclear etc. and non-commercial like fuel wood, charcoal, cow dung or animal waste. This GPRD cell has many projects onhands to carry out research on non-convention energy like Solar System and wind energy system.