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IITGn Research Park, IIT Gandhinagar, Palaj-382355, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

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Shri Saurabhbhai Patel, Hon'ble Minister of Energy, GoG has inaugurated the 2nd volume of GPRD 3i magazine on 24/08/2021


The GPRD Cell is the first kind of government initiation across India which is working in R&D for the Power Sector. The GPRD Cell has started functioning at IIT, Gandhinagar since July 2017 and has initiated 130 R&D projects in its 4 years span of time. Many Research Papers have been published on different national platforms.

Total Ten Patent Rights’ applications have been filed by the Cell at Indian Patent Office under the Intellectual Property Rights. This Cell has been awarded five times for its R&D activities in Power Sector.

The GPRD 3i is an R&D magazine of the GPRD Cell, published periodically which is sharing information to the stakeholders of the Power Sector about the various activities of the Cell.

The GPRD Cell proudly announces that Shri Saurabhbhai Patel, Hon'ble Minister of Energy, GoG has inaugurated the 2nd volume of GPRD 3i on 24/08/2021. On this occasion, the dignitaries of the Gujarat Power Sector viz, Shri PradipSinh Jadeja, Hon’ble Minister(State) - Energy, Smt. Mamta Verma, IAS, Principal Secretary, E&P Dept., Smt. Shahmeena Husain, IAS, Managing Director, GUVNL, Shri H P Kothari, Director (Technical), GUVNL, Shri R B Patel, Former Head, GPRD Cell and Shri J B Upadhyay, current Incharge Head, GPRD Cell, were present.

The retirement farewell function of Shri R B Patel, Head GPRD Cell, Gandhinagar organized on dated 03.06.2021 at IITGn, Gandhinagar

The retirement farewell function of Shri R B Patel, Head, GPRD Cell, Gandhinagar organized on 03.06.2021 at IITGn, Gandhinagar. Many dignitaries of the Power Sector & family members of the GPRD Cell joined at this function.

Shri R B Patel was born in 1963 at Mehsana District of Gujarat. After passing B.E. First Class with Distinction in 1987, he joined UGVCL (erstwhile GEB). He has very vast experience of Transmission and Distribution and also monitoring of the different electricity schemes.

He worked as a team member for the development of technical specifications in many items related to the DISCOM business, like Transformers, Energy Meters, RMUs, 11KV Capacitor Banks with communication, Cables, Solar System with its communication software.

Power sector’s Gems like Special Designed Transformer (SDT), Planned Load Management Transformer (PLMT), WatchDog Transformer, Online Testing Set developed by Shri R B Patel.

He has been awarded by IUCAN National Award in 2014 for the Invention of Special Design Transformer for single phase power supply to Agriculture Farm. He had functioned as Chief Engineer (Tech)(I/c), GUVNL, Vadodara.

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Dear Friends / Colleagues

The journey was so nice because you all were with me. During this journey, the stations of many colleagues came and they got down, but today I did not realize with your accompaniment & co-operation when my journey got over and the station came.

Sometimes a difficult road came along the journey but continued to receive your moral support and that is why even that difficult road was also successfully crossed.

Still wish to travel with you and that is why I am not getting off, just change the compartment, the train is the same. I look forward to your cooperation with the same joy and desire to continue the journey of service.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and cooperation. I apologize if I have ever hurt you.

All the best……

R B Patel
Head, GPRD Cell, IIT Gn, Gandhinagar &
Addl. Chief Engineer(Tech), UGVCL
Date: 31 May 2021

Role of Geourja, a GEM of GPRD during cyclone "Tauktae"

It has found that approximately 1400 villages to be without power due to cyclonic storm as Tauktae. Many electrical poles, feeders and transformers were uprooted due to cyclone.

There is a lot of damage to the power distribution network in Gir Somnath, Junagadh, Amreli and Bhavnagar due to the cyclone. Many of the transmission towers have collapsed. And due to this, the many sub-stations that connected with the power distribution lines did not function and therefore villages that fall under the sub-station were suffering power-cut.

GUVNL has coordinated and facilitated the activities of its all six subsidiaries to restore the power generation, transmission and distribution with the help of GeoUrja App. The GeoUrja Application was used most during the restoring power supply in these villages.

GeoUrja is a software application developed for GPS survey of the existing Electrical Network and Consumers’ locations by using a Smart Mobile device. This software application is useful to know the position of Transformers, HT & LT Poles, Cable route, JGY Feeders, AG Feeders & Switching devices.

These various Data will manage dynamically for addition or modification in the Power Distribution System. GeoUrja System gives us a digital view of the Electrical Network over the land base map, this will helpful for providing information about Assets and Consumers. Users will get location wise real-time information of the Power Network at any place. Fault location finding is possible and Power supply restoration time will be reduced. Consumer location search and navigation are possible in mobile for quick redressal of consumer complaints.

One Testimonial Video related to the above point is as above.

The Article on On Line Testing Set


Gujarat Power Research & Development Cell has specially desgined and developed a product called "ONLINE TESTING SET (OLTS) for onsite examination of HT Consumer CTPT unit. The Artcle on OLTS has published in Industial Outlook February-2021 Issue.

Please click on below link for more details.

The Article on Online Testing Setup

The Article on WatchDog Transformer(WDT) & The Interview of Mr. R B Patel, Head, GPRD Cell


The Industrial Outlook is a Magazine that talking about the manufacturing and engineering products industry in India. The Industrial Outlook is specially designed for renowned entrepreneurs to stay connected to the most recent industry trends. The articles and the interview on authenticating research, survey reports, Electrical & Power, Construction & Equipment, Spring industry, Processing industry, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture & Agrochemical industry, Rubber industry and Biogas are published in the Industrial Outlook (Text reference

The Article on WatchDog Transformer(WDT) and the Interview of Mr. R B Patel, Head, GPRD Cell have published in the Industrial Outlook Magazine January-2021 issue.

Please click on below link for more details.

1. The Interview of Mr. R B Patel, Head, GPRD Cell
2. The Article on WatchDog Transformer

Shri Mahesh Singh, Hon’ble MD, UGVCL inaugurated Online Testing Set (OLTS)


Dr. Mahesh Singh, Hon’ble MD, UGVCL inaugurated “On Line Testing Setup (OLTS)” on November 11, 2020, one of the distinct products - designed and developed by Gujarat Power Research and Development Cell, GUVNL, Gandhinagar. The proud moments were held at Hi-Tech meter testing laboratory, Circle Office, UGVCL, Sabarmati, in presence of the CEI Shri H. H. Khoja and the senior Engineers of the UGVCL and GPRD.

The GPRD team, jointly with the lab experts of the UGVCL and MGVCL, tested the OLTS successfully at one of the HT consumer installations at Savli GIDC, Vadodara. The OLTS Van has been designed & developed for all four DISCOMs of the Power sector of Gujarat state. As we know that the HT Consumers are the prime consumers for our DISCOMs, as around 60% of revenue is contributed by these consumers. As being a highly revenue oriented stakeholder of the company, it is very important to keep the energy measuring components of an HT installation i.e. the CTPT unit, TVM,

control cable etc., very accurate. Normally, the cross verification of the accuracy of a TVM is done periodically at the site by DISCOMs at actual factory loading with the help of the standard meters, available with the DISCOMs. The DISCOMs have limitations for cross verification of the accuracy of CTPT unit, Cable, TTB etc. at the site as the instrument for the same are not available with DISCOMs and as a result, the accuracy of CTPT units could never be verified at an actual factory loading. Due to this limitation, the accuracy of the CTPT unit remains always unknown when it is replaced either due to a change in demand or when it fails. If this limitation is overcome by way of any innovative concept, huge revenue leakage would be stopped.

The GPRD took this task as a challenge and ultimately after a hard work of around one year, OLTS has been developed and tested successfully.

The first OLTS has been issued to Hi-Tech Meter testing laboratory, UGVCL, Sabarmati in presence of Hon’ble Managing Director, Dr. Mahesh Singh, IFS on November 11, 2020. (Photograph above)

It is envisaged that the OLTS will prove as a key equipment for the UGVCL to prevent revenue leakage due to errors in CTPT unit. After the successful results of this demo piece, three more OLTS will be procured for the remaining three DISCOMs.

First Volume of "GPRD 3i" inauguration


The magazine demonstrating GPRD activities by enlarge is launched recently its first volume of “ GPRD 3i” has been inaugurated by the then ACS, E&PD, GoG, Gandhinagar and Hon’ble Shri. Sujit Gulati Sir & Sudhir Jain Sir, Director, IIT, Gandhinagar, on 19-12-2019. The concept, content, and color design of the volume are appreciated by them. They told that the Editorial in the volume perfectly matches with the ideas behind the establishment of the GPRD Cell. The volume would be the best instrument to the different stakeholders of the GPRD Cell who are wishing to know about the Cell in details.

The GPRD Cell is engaged in Research and Development activities in the Electricity utility area. The Cell has also taken up many activities which are related to the energy efficiency of power network, Power quality and Power reliability, renewable energy for environmental benefits, improving customer services and safety etc.

By this time, total 29 Research Projects are completed 52 Research Projects are ongoing level and many Research Projects are under thought process / stage. Nine Patent applications for the Intellectual Property Rights have been filed by the GPRD Cell. This GPRD 3i volume would be the best instrument for updating to its all stakeholders about the activities of the Cell.

GPRD 3i Year 2020 Volume 1 View

GPRD – GUVNL stall at Laksha Chandi Mahayanya, Umiya Mata Temple in Unjha, Dist. Mehsana


On 18-12-2019, the Laksha Chandi Mahayanya, Umiya Mata Temple at Unjha inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijay Rupani. The event organised by the Paatidars from across 126 countries of the world. Total 108 Yagnakumbhs set up at Umiyanagar in the Laksha Chandi Mahayanya. More than 30,000 volunteers were participated and multiple records were set. Prominent politicians, religious leaders and other dignitaries participated. The energy pavilion accommodated by the GPRD Cell – GUVNL where Watch Dog Transformer, GeoUrja and SKY models were displayed in the stall. The visitors visited the stall and gathered the details, about the Watch Dog Transformer, GeoUrja and SKY models.